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Promiscuity and Debotchery

Ok, first if you have not read the previous post about Spain and my LSAT scores, make sure you read that one as well. It is just uncommom that the last few days I have had so much opportunity for email, so I have been able to get out a few posts. Spain, what an […]

LSAT Score!!

Well guys I just got the results of my LSAT test. Not good. I did not do well at all. So the two main schools I had hoped to apply to, well, there is no redeeming factor on this one. So I dont know, I will just have to make other plans and see where […]

A Mysterious World

Well we have finally left Morocco. I dont really know what to say. It was the experience of a lifetime. I have so many questions that went unanswered and will probably never see there happy solution. I cant really make sense of what I just expereinced. However, I do know that it was just about […]

Welcome to Morocco

Well I am so shocked right now I am speechless. I have learned something very important though. Things are not what you think they are. After getting off of the ferry from Spain to Morocco the plan was to go to a bigger city called Casablanca. However, on the boat we met a spanish speaking […]

And You thought I packed light!!!

Ironically as I left for the airport most of my friends thought that I packed way to light (Only 3 pair of underwear, socks and shirts). Well it gets worse. When I got to Madrid today my bag was no wear to be found. Whatever, I have all my valuable, bought a toothbrush and will […]

The Journey Begins

Today is the day. I cant believe that it has finally come. I have been so busy with studying for the LSAT and saying goodbye to friends in Vancouver, that I have had very little time to think about the next two months. In many ways I leave Vancouver with mixed emotoins. I am excited […]