Ironically as I left for the airport most of my friends thought that I packed way to light (Only 3 pair of underwear, socks and shirts). Well it gets worse. When I got to Madrid today my bag was no wear to be found. Whatever, I have all my valuable, bought a toothbrush and will come back next week and hope to find it. I met up with Tim today and we are quite anxious to get to Morocco, so rather than wait another day to get all my stuff, I just thought I would rough it and figure it all out later. Our train leaves at 11 tonight, so we can sleep the night on the train. That will be much needed, I havent slept in days cause of all the traveling. So Thursday afternoon we will be in Casablanca and ready to spend the week in Morocco. I guarantee I will have a ton of stories from our travels there. It is just so far from the beaten normality of the tourist path.

Madrid, what a day. We spent a few hours in the famous Museo Sophio. Pablo Picaso has tons of pieces there. It was really interesting. We took the subway and are now about to head out for the night life on the gran via, before our train leaves. We are looking into when the next bullfight is, so when we get back in a week we can plan around seeing that.

Other than that the trip here was interesting. On the 6 hour flight to New York I sat next to a guy that openly told me he had a male sexual partner, interesting. Then on the flight to Madrid, an african American from Dayton Ohio told me the same conversation. (Tobin, Dad -dont even go there). The one guy was a christian, so as you can imagine it was a great conversation.

Lastly, I have worn the same clother for 2 days now and it doesnt look like that situation is going to get any better. Tim only brought a carry on back-pack for his whole 2 month trip. So we will be sharing all his clothes for the week, all those that fit into a small school backpack. So much for meeting Spain women.

Well I will try to send an update from somewhere in Morocco. I never needed that luggage anyway, what a story!