Well I am so shocked right now I am speechless. I have learned something very important though. Things are not what you think they are. After getting off of the ferry from Spain to Morocco the plan was to go to a bigger city called Casablanca. However, on the boat we met a spanish speaking man, no english. He said he lived in the interior and would give us a ride if we wanted; about 4 hours. So only by little spanish we headed to Fez. He took us into his sisters home whose husband is a captain in the military. They cooked us food, treated us like kings and shletered us. They said you are family. Ironicqally this is how theyt treated us. It was the most incredible experience. I will tellmore when there is more time. So the next day we left for another city in the interrior, much poorer and traditional. Again, our friend and this time his brother housed us for 2 nights. The food waas purely Moroccan and extremely simple, but good. Amazing, the family took off work and spent the day taking us to IFran, it is ,much like Kelowna. It snows alot in the winter and there is a lqarge lake and lots of fruit. They also gave us a tour of the Berber countryside. Fascinating. Today ze lleft for the capital, Rabat, on the Atlantic. Their son came with us. They are now good friends, as they take care of us and want the best of our trip. We dont know Araabic of course, but the Spanish will do.

It is weird how they have no sense of time here. THey stop for coffee to chat 4 times a day as if there are no concerns in the world. THey have no plans for the day or future plans, everthing is spntaneous and by the moment.

Their son who oknows english interpreted as they asked us if we were christians and then we talked about the Koran. I will tell more later about this

This country is not dangerous at all. So friendly and nice, very little crime and everone is so genuine. It has smashed everything I used to think about this region. We wish we could stay longer.

So 3 days on the coast and then to Madrid.

I am now getting sick and havent eaten in over a day. I will be alright though.

Also, I am still wearing the same clothes I left in. I smell, havent shaved and my hair is greasy; but this is what the experience calls for. We take them as they come and move on. This is life in Morocco, in Africa. No worries, just go with the flow kid.