Well guys I just got the results of my LSAT test. Not good. I did not do well at all. So the two main schools I had hoped to apply to, well, there is no redeeming factor on this one. So I dont know, I will just have to make other plans and see where the next boat takes me. Honestly, if it wasnt meant to be, it wasnt meant to be. I felt good about it and did what I could. I might take it again in October, but I doubt it. It was a four year program that I was looking at and you know, maybe just the two year MA is what is meant for me. Who knows, God is just going to have to guide me through this one, just like he always does. However, I am in Spain and plans for next year are just going to have to hold off for now.

Spain – So we have been here a couple of days and it has been a blast. Certainly everything I thought it would be. We have stayed 3 days in Madrid and checked out most of the cool musuems. The other night we just sat in the central coutyard in the old city and ate tapas and drank sangria. It was so cultural as the place was filled with people and even musicians. It was fantastic. Last night we thought we would step out and go see a bullfight. What the heck is that all about. The first time around, it was interesting and entertaining. But by the 3rd or 4th bull, it got kind of vulgar. You can only take so much of that violence. Today we headed south about a hour to an ancient medieval town called Toledo. Interesting. 3 days ago we trained it way north to Santiago. This place is a must see. We were able to go into the crypt of St. James and see his tomb. The town was so impressionable. Small, narrow streets, things you would never see in America or Canada. There were so many Cathedrals and history. We took in a daily mass that involved the swinging of this huge bacilifur, something used for incense. Wow, it is the largest one in the world and they still do it just like 1 thousand years ago. The service was really neat. Although it was in Spanish, you could still feel the holiness in that place. It certainly made a mark on me and caused me to think about alot.
Tomorrow we head to Valencia. It is a coastal city on the mediterranean. We are going to have 3 days there to just lay on the beach and take it easy. Then Bustos and I head to Jerusalem.

I have spent alot of time thinking about why Christians are Christians. What makes us follow our faith? What led me to this thought is by spending so much time in such a large city and seeing so much vulgar and secular stuff. Spain used to be so Catholic and in that sense spiritual, but what happened? That is the thing, we believe in something because we have expereinced better. All of this has driven it home even deeper that I want to spend the rest of my life somehow involved with fighting the social injustice in this world. So many go without basic needs and without ever feeling the human capacity of love. This should never be the case.

Well friends, although I am dissapointed about the LSAT, it looks like Toronto and Ottawa are out of teh books for me. However, God has been sovereign my whole life. I recall my experience of just randomly stumbling across Trinity and it was one of the best things for me. So there is a plan, and obviously it might not be as I originally wanted it, but it is there and it will be Gods.

In other thoughts, by spending time with Brian, I have been able to see how tired I am and how worn out I have become. I really need the year off. I am just so socially tired and honestly, unlike Brian have so little interest in exerting myself. So I am really excited about the upcoming year.

I will keep in touch and probably wont post again until we hit Jerusalem.

Hope all you are doing well.