Ok, first if you have not read the previous post about Spain and my LSAT scores, make sure you read that one as well. It is just uncommom that the last few days I have had so much opportunity for email, so I have been able to get out a few posts. Spain, what an experience that just forces you to think about Christianity and culture.

So we are currently in Valencia and will be here for the next few days. How do I describe this town. It is about 1 million people and one of Spains biggest tourist beach towns, that is very modern. Let me discuss just briefly and try to give you a good picture of Spanish culture. WHen we stereotype Spaniards for their party and Ciesta mentality, it is true. From 1 until 4 most of the shops shut down, people leave work and head home to take a nap and rest. Then they open up again later at night and stay open until dark at about 10. BEcause of the heat, they say, Spaniards stay out late until about 1 in the morning. This is normal to see mothers with their kids out and people going to friends houses that late. Maybe this is the reason for the ciesta nap. The night life is crazy here. Other things I have noticed are the cheap prices on food products. You can get a bottle of wine for under 1 dollar. Not joking. The other day we went to the grocery store and made meat and cheese sandwhiches, with vegetables, chocolate bars and a 6 pack, all for under 6 dollars. That was for 3 of us. Crazy. Here is the the biggest shock though. We went to the beach yesterday and crap, half the girls had no shirts on. I mean just laying on the beach, swimming or walking around with no shirt of bathing top. Good thing I had to take my contacts out to go swimming in the Mediteranean.

All in all, I have been shocked by the Liberal culture here. In Madrid as we walked the streets at 1 in the morning, you could just fell the promiscuity and the debotchery. There was something sensual about the night life. I am guessing many big cities have this, but there was something different about it here in Europe. I seriously would love to come back and stay with a Christian family and spend a week in their lives, go to church with them and all that stuff. I dont know what it would be like. Even the travelors, they join in it just as much; maybe that is why they come. I would dare not travel here alone and stay in the hostels. There is way too much temptation for ones own good.

So it is interesting to get a different taste of another culture. I can now feel and see how my conservative background and upbringing in a conservative part of the US (Kansas) is coming out. It really makes a difference. Even Canada and Vancouver were a bit liberal for me, but this, this is really intense.

The relaxation we are having by just laying on teh beach is great. It is just what we needed. Tomorrow is our last day in Spain and then the trip picks up again as we spend a week in Israel. We are still planning on going to Jordan to see Petra city and also, we are looking into taking a Desert Safari in the Sinaii. It is expenseive, but how often are you in Egypt¿

Well I miss you guys and keep making posts, I will try and get to respond to them. it is great hearing from you. Take care.