Well I dont have too much time, but to those faithful blog readers of mine I thought I would send a quick update before things get hectic with site seeing. We just arrived in Jersalem and will be here for 4 days and then off to 10 days in Egypt, Jordan and Sinai.

So the last few days I have been thinking alot about comfortable complacency. Why is that it literally takes a serious situation or some type of dramatic event in our lives to get us to see perspective, in Gods eyes? What I mean is this, we are coasting along and everything slowly starts to move towards cruise control, then it is a year later when we realize how fast the time has gone by and we are just breathing, not really living. Now I strongly admit, it is easy for me to say, since I am the one on the other side of the world being blasted with cultural perspective left and right. But it is just what I am thinking about and thought i would throw it out there. I look back at my year as President on Student Council and can now see how many opportunities I missed to live life and not just breathe. So many people to pour into, that I squandered cause I was too busy. I got caught up into the swirl of it all and missed so much. I wish something could of smashed me in the face long ago and forced me to see how complacent I was getting. It is this complacency that is a breeding ground for sin and a heart which is not sensitive to HIS will. So hear I sit asking myself what areas of my life are complacent? What areas have I become so comfortable in, that I dont need to trust or acknowledge God? I tell you friends, in our Western culture and Western lives that is the daily battle. I fear coming home for the fact that I will have to again pick up that fight. I have loved living life on the edge the last month here. The stories from Morocco are crazy. Looking back, I cant believe some of teh things we did. But it is that pioneering spirit and that radical attitude that I want to maintain and keep when I come back. I hope that in many ways it finds a new home in my heart. Well that is just food for thought.

Jersusalem is going to be an experience of a lifetime. I feel that our trip is once again, just begining. There is so much to see and so much to learn. The excitement is new all over again.

I will keep you posted and in a few days tell you about all that we have seen.