Honestly, I dont even know how to blog about the last two days. Isreal, a place like none other. Two days ago Nomi’s family decided to head up North to these natural springs. We went up there for the whole day. It was teh most unbelievable water I have ever been in. Crystal clear, with caves, cliffs and waterfalls. You could swim underwater, eyes open and see all below. As we drove, her dad was sure to tell us every 5 minutes that we were passing a historical Bible story. From Saul and King David to the hills of armageddon, we saw it all.

Today we got up at 5 and headed into the desert. We climbed a mountain that is the most famous patriotic site in the country. Many military soldiers go up to Mosada to swear allegiance. It is a fantastic historical story that I will save for another day, captivating with nobility though. THe deseert sun was blistering, that is why we hiked so early. Once we got to the top, we could see for miles. We saw the mountains of Jordan, the dead sea and Roman Ruins. On the way home we stopped at a “beach” at the Dead Sea for a swim. That was an experience. You cant sink. Really weird. The water doesnt lie though, it will tell you about every cut you have all over your body. It stung so bad. I have a number of cuts from Rock climbing at the Oasis springs the day before. Only pictures can give this experience partial justice.

Tonight we headed into the city and toured the Jerusalem wall, underground. THey have this great tour that takes you through all the underground tunnels, showered with 2000 years of history. The whole way they share with you the story and how it unfolded for each conquering force.

Tomorrow we are going to go to the Hollocaust Musuem and then see a bit more of teh Old City. On Wednesday we are going to head into Palestine and spend the day in Bethleham. This will be just to see what the wall has done politically to this country and how it has divided the people, in my opinoin. That is an experience I am really waiting for.

Thursday we bus out to Cairo. Internet will be limited so my ability to blog will dramatically decrease. Our plans our changing all the time. But as of now we are looking to spend 3 days in Cairo, seeing the market, scouraging through Garbage City and of course touring the pyramids. Then we are going to spend a few days in the Sinaii desert. We are going to go snorkling in the Red Sea (World Renowned), climb Mt Sinai for a Sunrise, sleep out in the desert and then ferry to Jordan. Once in Jordan we are going to camp near Aqaba, then spend 2 days in petra, the old city of rocks, with Bedouines.

From there we will come back to Israel for 3 days up in the North, the Golan Heights. There we will hike around the Sea of Galilee and camp on the beaches.

Who knows how this will all unfold but that is a tentative plan. Within the next few weeks, I am sure that itinerary will be packed with happy stories filled with culture.

Thanks for reading and keep the comments coming, I appreciate them.