First, I am feeling much better. Thank you all so much for praying for me. I swear it made a difference. In this dirty city, Cairo, I never thought it would be possible to get better. But hey, it is all good.

Egypt: Wait till you hear this.

So on our way here we had to go through a certain point that involved going through the Gaze strip, Palestine, to get into Egypt. This took 4 hours. They took our passports for quite some time and then we had to get an escort. Just for the mental picture. An escort in Isreal means a hummer with a 50 calliber turret gun and four soldiers. They followed the bus into Palestine and then left as we went into Egypt. It was ridiculous.

We arrived into Cairo about midnight. It took us a long time to reach the downtown, not just cause there are 22 million ADHD people in this village, but also cause we were stuck in a traffic jam. Can you fathom this, a traffic jam at midnight. Welcome to Cairo Jamie. After we got off the bus we had to find our hostel, which by the way, it costs under $5 a night. We finally figured out why. There are bed mites that are eating us alive. Ok, so finding our Hostel. See in Cairo there is no such thing as traffic laws. There are no signs, no street lights and no road lines. What that means is you have 10 million horns going off at once. So to cross the road, you just have to run, that is the only way. It is kinda like playing frogger on nintento as a kid. We have already had a few close calls, but that is just the way it goes. Actually, we have a new game called no stopping. We just keep walking and see who chickens out first. Oh, to be young. Dont worry mom, I still have both legs. This city is full of pollution and is hectic. It gives you a headache and is stressful. I dont care to stay too much.

The people. We were hustled about 5 times in one hour. You cant trust anyone. Actually, we have, as a group of 3 of us, had to have some serious talks about how to handle it. We have to figure something out cause everyone is out to get you. I have yet to experience anything like this, anywhere. It is extremely unnerving. Oh yea, did I mention we met an Irish guy who came with us. Actually he is Nomi’s sisters boyfriend. Great entertainment. So the problem with Cairo is that it brings out the worst in you. It makes you want to fight and be fisty, just to stay alive. I really struggle with not being able to trust people. I have some thinking to do about this, so no opinions yet.


The smell I will never forget. IT is not what you think when you hear garbage city. It is actually a neighborhood, but it is just that all the garbage, yes, for 17 million people, is brought to this place. Then the people sift through it and salvage what they can. When we got there, we headed straight for the church. It is the largest church in the Middle East. 15,000 people come heere to worship. What makes it unique though is that it is outside and carved out of a cave. I only wish I could show you pictures, but soon. It is a coptic church, which is sort of Catholic. The people were amazing and quite willing to talk to us. Then there was another local cave that was used for meditating. The silence was priceless. The noise and disturbance of this large city obviously got to me and it was so nice to finally find solitude, after only 18 hours here. As we left the church and walked through garbage city I couldnt help but think what it would be like to be born and raised in a place like this. Think, if this is all you know. You sort through garbage to find your place in this world. The smell, the dirt, the germs, the terrible limit of food. I dont know, I cant comprehend.


just to add spice to the story. Yesterday we had lunch at some side joint. Did I mention it was only 50 cents? It was great and quite filling. We are all still alive and not in the jon, so it cant be that bad. So last night we thought we would eat like Kings. We showed up at this 5 star restaurant in our dirty smelly 3 day old clothes and were served the best meal. It was in a casino right on the nile with a night view. We almost went broke trying to pay for it though. The $3.50 was too much to bare. However, not only was the food and service just about better than anything I have had, the entertainment was to die for. Brian thought he would candidly go up on stage and ask the band if he could sing a song while they played. So please, picture this. Brian was singing a, lets say rage against the machine rap, to the egyptian music. It was so good. I was able to capture a good minute of it. IT was soo good that they asked him to sing 2 more. the waiters and all of us, were laughing uncontrollably. Kudos for our couragous man Brian.


This morning we woke up at 5 to go watch the sunrise in the desert. This was no ordinary sunrise though, we had camels with us. Madonna, Ali-Babba, and Micky Mouse, they were our rides. These things are huge, like literally 6 feet tall. Much bigger than you would expect. So we trekked through the desert and then watched the sunrise. Afterwards we got a tour, all day, to the pyramids and all those cool Egyptain sites. These things were massive. I couldnt believe it. Pictures do it no justice.

Tomorrow we leave to go snorkling in the Sinaii and then camping at a Monastery near Mt. Sinaii, before we climb it for a sunrise. no camels this time.

Garbage city, this is what has impacted me the most here in Cairo. The smell, it is engraved on my heart and unforgetable. YOu cant forget something like that.

Some you can trust and others you cant. The art of life.