Friends, I apologize it has been so long since I last blogged, we have been out in the desert for quite some time now. I just now found out about the bomb in Isreal, no worries, everything is fine with our little posey. So let me dive right in and share the diverse experiences we have had in the last week. There have been alot and this might be long. I will try an title each, to help ya out. Thanks for reading them, it is very encouraging.

Thoughts on Leaving Egypt:

I want to be careful what I say about MY Experience in Egypt. It was just one persepective and it was for a short time. So take it with a grain of salt. Overall, I had a very hard time in Egypt. We quickly learned that everyone who wanted to talk to you either wanted something from you or your money. Rarely did we find a spirit of true altruism. Cairo was just too Kaotic for my likeing. So honestly I really did not like my time there.

Nuweiba Beach:

However, after Cairo we headed to the Sinai. We had the best most relaxing experience. We found this beach resort, shall I say desert town right on the Red Sea. Now, the Red Sea, is the most blue, crystal clear water I have ever seen. It is known to have some of the best snorkling in the world. So when we got there we found this little hut camp where our hut was 2 meters from the water. We got up every morning and watched the sunrise and then went snorkling every night. The coral reef was unlike anything I have ever seen. We saw eels, lionfish, clownfish, puffers and angel fish. It was like you were flying. The water was the warmest I have ever felt. During the day it was too hot to be outside, so we just took it easy in the shade. Honestly, I would recomend this place to anybody. If you come to the ME, you have to make it here. It is worth the price. It is the most relaxation of nothingness I have had in over a year. I have realized how much this is needed. When I return home, I will be sure to incorporate it into my life. Have I ever misjudged its importance.

A night on Mt. Sinai:

After a few days on the beach we decided to take a one day trip to climb MT. Sinai. I think it is about 8,000 feet or 2,700 meters. We got to the base of it about 9. There is a beautiful monastery there that is over a 1,000 years old. Once we started our hike which we were told took 3 hours, we realized we only had 2 litres of water for the 3 of us. we would be up there about 12 hours. We would rarely see the sun, so we felt it ok to keep going. The moonlight lit the path and man was it an eadventure. There was no one out there. We had no idea which mountain it was or which path to take. After awhile it became obvious though. Finally we arrived at the top after only 2 hours. There was no one up there except a few local kids trying to sell us blankets and mats. They said it would get cold. We denied their offer and just made due with what we had. I only had a t-shirt, brian had shirts and Rick shared his blankets. We certainly snuggled to keep warm. Nothing like laying on the top of a Holy Mountain looking at stars on hard rock for an evening. By the time we woke the place was begining to get packed with Tourists. We had no idea this would happen. By the time the sun was going to rise, no lie, there was over 500 of them. Completely ruined the solidarity and uniquness of teh moment. Oh well, we had our night trek.

The boat ride to Jordan:

It took us almost 11 hours to take a ferry from Egypt to Jordan. This should be only a 2 hour boat ride, but in the 3rd world, it takes a day to go anywhere. I have many stories about this experience, but I will have to save them. It was chaos like I have never seen. At one point we just had to rush through a door, that 500 people were scrumming to get through. The soldiers there were trying to monitor the amount of people, but it was going no where. Finally getting to Jordan the chaos ceased. What a relief after the craziest day.


I wont go into detail but just use your imagination here. In the waiting “warehouse” at the ferry terminal. I met 4 Iraqis who had fled to Jordan because of the war. I was candid with them and asked them every question you could think of about the war and Iraq. It was heart wrenching. After an hour converstation we just sat there in awkwardness and silence for a few minutes. I felt like crying. I apologized to him for what had happened and told him I was so sorry. He had lost many friends in teh war. Such a nice guy, who when you looked into his eyes, you saw honesty, humbleness and friendship. Later, when I have time I will share a few opinions about the Iraq war an what my thoughts are after talking to him. He gave me his number in Amman and told us to come visit, which we leave tomorrow to do.


I love this place. The safest, nicest place. Everyone is so friendly. It is clean, well kept an just fantastic. Two days ago we took an all day desert excursion in which a bedouine local took us out into the desert in his jeep to see all these amazing snad structures. Then at night we stayed in a bediouine camp, which they fed us and all sat around the fire. They were so friendly and warming.


Today we spent the day in the city of rock. No words can explain what we saw. 2,000 years ago people built a city out of rock and seemed to live there. The best thing to do is simply look up Petra Jordan on google and just see one picture. You will be blown away.

We will be in Jordan two more days and then back to Isreal. Thanks for the emails and concerns. The experience and journey continues.