Unfortunatly, I think this might be the last blog of my trip. Today is our last day here and then only a few days in NYC, and then it is over. However, I think I will still blog a bit. When I get back I will figure out a way to get a bunch of pictures of the trip up and then let you know so you can check them out. They are fantastic. Lastly, I just wanted to say thank you Mike for setting up this website and maintaining it. It has been amazing.


Brian and I decided to spend our last few days up north. We left early in the morning and arrived at Tiberious, which is on the Sea of Galilee around 11. When we got there we checked out this hostel which has bike rentals. After talking to the guy there, we figured it would be fun to rent bikes and bike around the sea for the day. The guy made it sound like it was no problem and that 6 hours would be enough time for us to make it and stop and see all the cool sites like the Mt. of Beatitutudes, the place where Jesus performed his first miracle and all that cool stuff. Little did we know that it was going to be 41 degrees (114) and that it was a 60 KM (40 mile) bike ride.

We made the first part fine and even stopped in a cool monastery for an hour. However, after only 30 minutes our asses were killing us. These cheap seats were some plastic synthetic material probably from China. I cant even begin to tell you how painful it was. And to think at least 5 more hours like this. I was begining to contemplate the possibility of permanent damage.

Half way around the lake we stopped at a camp site to go for a swim and take a break. Brian was starting to suffer from heat stroke as well. We met some other bikers from Canada who couldnt finish the trek, so they were going to pay a fortune and get picked up. As you know though, we dont have the money for such pleasures of life. So we kept plugging along. In the end, it took us 9 hours to get there, with all the breaks. But we were dead. That night I seriously had trouble sitting down. My butt has never hurt so bad. I am convinced it has permanent bruises. I am no Lance Armstrong that is for sure.

The next day we chose to stay away from bikes and hitch hiked back to the beach camp. It was a blast. Some bananna farmer picked us up and took us through his fields and explained the whole process. Educational to say the least. So all day we laid and swam in Galilee. About 3 the waves picked up, I mean they were huge. Quite exciting for a small lake.

Bombing from Above:

So that night we were going to save some money and just sleep on the beach, with no tent. This was a new concept for me. About 10 laid out our sheets and tried to get some sleep. I told brian, for some reason I felt this was going to be an exciting evening, little did I know. About 11 Brian woke me and I heard these bombs blowing up, now when you are in a disputed territory with Syria like this, noises of this nature cause your mind to wonder. Sure enough I lean over and see these fireworks over head. They were huge. Who knows why on a week night in a town of 35,000 they had have such a display, maybe cause the tourists finished the tour de Galilee the day before. Finally we went back to sleep only to get woken by a tractor driving down the beach about 5 feet in front of us. What a night!

Golan Heights:

The next day we were picked up by Nomi’s family and we all went for a 5 hour hike in something called a Wadi, which is a canyon made by flash floods. It was amazing. The running river was so refreshing. At one point we came to a cliff that encompased a 45 foot jump into a small pool. Of course we jumped, many times that is. The pool was fed by a small waterfall, in which we used as a slide on the way down. The cool thing about this hike is that you couldnt finish it without getting wet. In order to get through some areas you had to swim through small pools and jump small cliffs. IT was great. So no camera and no pictures, but the stories and memories will live on.


On a small personal note, I just want to quickly say, this is the first time I have been really excited to move to Kelowna. I dont know what happened, but I truly have a sense of excitement for my move (that has already happened). This change of heart I think will really help to meet new people and get involved. I have also thought alot about grad school while gone. I dont feel as much inspiration to quickly move on as I did a few months ago. I will still apply to a few and see what happens, just to keep the door open, but I think i really want to work overseas a bit more, before spending 2 years of m life and $40,000. you know?

Lastly, I will blog later about something I learned on this trip concerning the simplicity of life and the ability of survival. But for later, probably when i get back. Till then, remember you are blessed you dont have to squat when you poo.