I knew that it would be hard to transition back into life here at home, here in North America. It is nothing to say that our culture is better or to say that their culture does so many things right. It is just different, but we already all knew that. The thing is that there are so many things that each of us have in our personalities that strike home in one place or another. I recognized that right away in my move to Canada. Well overseas on this trip one of the things that hit home the most for me was the importance of simplicity. For two months I feel we lived such simple lives, with simple schedules (arguable I suppose), and simple assets. Then to come home it just seems like things are so complex and there are so many things to do. No longer can you enjoy the 5 coffee brakes a day in Morocco, the late nights of Cairo and the Siestas in Spain. Our lives just move so fast back home. Although it is just a dream world to think that I could take home a lesson from this or that I could somehow build a life like that, I do think that there is some legitimacy to the idea of simplicity. I am not going to take the step of attribution to apply to other cultures, but rather to what I learned.


For two months it feels like we traveled on so little. The thing is we could have packed so much lighter. It was shocking to know that all you need is a backpack with 2 shirts, 2 socks, 2 underwear, pants, shorts and toiletries. It will get you so far. All the things here that we all become so reliant upon like cell phones, internet, TV, and your own car we think we could never do with out. But until you have to go without, you dont know any better. If gas was ever to hit $6.00 a gallon like in Israel, I think many of us would quickly find public transportation a viable option. So my point is this, I think too many times it is so easy to crowd our lives with so many things. Our closets are packed with clothes, we constantly have all of the newest luxury products from coffee grinders to iPods and we leave very little room for that spiritual encounter.

My Life has been Wrecked:

I just found in the last 3 months that once your life is wrecked and you have very little to rely on, life becomes a bit harder to run from. It was incredible to be overseas away from everything that I normally can rely on or hide behind. When there is nothing left you really realize how life has beaten you and you have been worn on the wheels of this world. It is a very vulnerable place to be. I am trying to figure out how that can happen here, other than of course those moments where God just comes swooping in and you know He takes you through a season where He takes everything away. I dont know, I just think that we have too much noise in life. Looking back I see how there was no possible way God could move in my life while I was President. I created too much noise and allowed the chatter to weed Him out. Of course life goes down the drain in that situation.

I am not Alone:

The ironic thing about this whole topic for me is that just in the last week since I have been back, I cant tell you how many people I have talked to that feel they have been broken on the wheels of life. Loneliness is a reality and the unhappiness with life has become a normality. As I look to just 3 years into the past, many of these friends were in some ways doing great with everything together. But now, we feel we barely have enough to hold on to. But as we turn down the chatter and noise and crowd out the unnecesary functions in our life, including materialistic stuff, I really believe that God’s voice and His presence are so much easier to recognize, cause there is no competition with it.

So my challenge as I transition back into life here is to somehow continue to abide by a simplistic life style. Although it is a daunting task, I have felt that it is refreshing. There is something freeing about it that allows us to not be tied down. I dont know exactly what this looks like, but I do know that I will never clouder my life like I did in the last year. It is not worth it. It was too much for one to handle.