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This is Africa

Well I blogged twice today, but that is just because I only get internet maybe once a week. So be sure to read both, this one and the “God is good” blog. Well this is Africa. The snails are bigger than your feet and the moths are bigger than your hand. I now have scabies, […]

God is Good

January 18th God is good. That is the most humble posture we can take in our walk with the Lord. To say that God is good is to acknowledge all that He has done for us in our lives and the great mercy he has shown us. God is good. Since we have been here […]

Why am I in Africa

Well I continue to think about what I am doing here in Africa, honestly, I don’t think I even know anymore and I haven’t even arrived in Swaziland. I mean, seriously, this is crazy for me, but yet the best thing ever. I did have the intention of coming to work with AIDS orphans and […]

Where is Beauty?

Ah London, well just like we could have all imagined, I probably wouldn’t get along that well with this city. When you have to pay $2 to use a restroom or $20 to visit the primary Anglican Cathedral, it just doesn’t rub me the right way. My mom and I were able to see a […]