Man, it is good to be back in Africa. I realize and am so thankful God has blessed me with such an amazing opportunity to help out here. Well I certainly wont be getting any skin diseases or infections this time. I have been staying in amazing living quarters my house has 11 rooms and a pool table, unfortunately I am the only one here. I was given a quad for my work to assess the village buildings and propose a recommendation on further development. Occasionally I have been going on some back paths into the forests just to explore. I am essentially working with an international aid development organization that is, well, building an economy within an abandoned mining town. The concept is unique and will be a first in this region. Members of our team have recently met with the Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Swaziland, who seem to be quite optimistic. However, Africa has had too many broken promises and fleeting moments of hope. The last thing we want to do is be part of the problem. Although I am enjoying myself, I have yet to be with the people, the very reason I thrive here. Next week I will be spending the rest of my time at the orphanage I served at in January. My heart is just longing to see the kids again. Their smiles and love are the very reason I have hope that change is possible not from us or what us westerners have to give, but rather from the future these children have and how they will soon be leading this country.