As soon as the sun set last night the mountain instantly became extremely cold. As my hot tea was finished, I quickly retreated to my warm sleeping bag. As I prepared for bed, my breathe colored the beam of the flashlight, verifying the depths of the temperature outside. Of course I began to question if I would have warm enough clothes, after all it is only day 1. It was then I remembered the Kua Huru and my journey to free my mind.

On another worried note, the problem with last night was that my tent was on a 30 degree slant, which makes it hard for sleeping. I had to put my bag at the foot of the tent and wedge my feet against it to keep from sliding to the bottom. Once my knees were locked I was ready for sleep. I guess I am on a mountain or something.

I awoke this morning and could at last see Kili. The sky was clear and below a whole level of clouds gave the impression we were floating. The barren ground all around my tent was glittered with white frost. Soon the sun would rise and warmth would come again.

The day was short, but difficult. The scenery has shifted and we are clearly far in the sky. The sun is dangerous and the air is thin. But the scenery, the scenery is breathtaking. We are far above the cloud line and all below us is its limit. I constantly feel I am floating in the heavens. I slowly trekked forward step by step. I am not sure if I could go any slower. However my heart still beats fast and I have to work for where I am going. But I am continuously learning the most important lesson – to be free. I have left all my worries behind me – Friends, relationships, Swaziland, work, family and anything else that worries my mind. My mind is becoming free and I am starting to feel lighter. We are finally at camp and it is beginning to rain. I will eat dinner in my tent tonight and listen to God’s music, only up here in heaven.