Waking up in the morning is always an excitement. The view is always so drastically different. This morning as I peered my head out of the tent it was like we were on another planet. 10,000 feet below us was some sort of mixture between clouds and heavy sky. But the colors they emanated from the sun, which had not yet fully risen were spectacular. After staring for nearly 2 minutes, I realized exactly how cold it was out. Today we will be in full mountain gear. Ah, I remember last night I was so cold, I took all my clothes off by my briefs and mummified my sleeping bag to enclose all my heat Ė it kept me warm.

Kilimanjaro is a mental exercise in discipline, focus and as I have explained before the freedom of the mind. Much like I have come to love African culture, I am learning to love this mountain. There is an element of respect which must be given in order to see the truth of its nature. I have always seen Kilimanjaro as something to conquer. It is just another piece of nature under our submission. But once on the mountain I realize its power, its holiness, its very nature of God. God created this mountain and I am very certain there are many elements of HIS nature which shine from it. We canít see God, nor be in his direct presence, but it is experiences with the power of nature like this that we cant miss, in order to just get a small human glimpse of HIM. I purposefully didnít bring a Bible with me for this journey. I wanted my praises to be from my heart and the words HE spoke to me not to be limited to all I have known. I trust as God guides my Kua Huru of freedom HE will show me and draw me closer to HIM

This mountain is like God. Today we broke the tree line and cleared nearly 15,000 feet or 5, 000 meters, but only for an hour before we descended again. Up here nothing lives. The scenery is like nothing I have seen before. Like Morridor in Lord of the Rings, Lava Rock scatters what looks to be a nuclear site. The air is very thin and you can see some of the climbers beginning to fatigue. Once that high we dropped back down to only 12,000 feet Ė to prepare for tomorrow night Ė the summit.

Today I feel strong. A slight headache, more in my neck though. It is from the pressure up here. There are many things I have noticed on my Kua Huru that I might not have otherwise. I am always the first to leave camp and usually the last to arrive. I am trying to conserve my energy as much as possible in order to summit. But because of my patience, I notice the small things. The things I believe to be the real Kilimanjaro. For instance, the ravens here, because the air is so thin, when they fly by, it sounds like a helicopter, quite frightening actually when you donít expect it. Also, in the morning our water has small pieces of ice in it, for it is from a glacier about an hour away.

This terrifying, threatening mountain must be respected. Like God, it seems so far and distant but as I press forward, the more I understand HIM. We are not meant to control or conquer the spiritual journey, for it is un-tamable. Rather to only understand as much as it will let us. I have realized my journey is not to summit Kilimanjaro, but to understand mountain life. No longer do I think in terms of fear, but more just what exists today, where there is no fear.