Day 6
September 21st Moira Hut

Something has changed, something is different. Last night I actually dreamt about things back home, real things like family and friends, but it was not in a refreshing way, rather a reality of what is hard to explain but just different. The air is so much more satisfying it feels good to be able to put my clothes on without panting for breath. But that is not all that is different. I have proven to myself something very important the strength of will, power and belief. No inspiration, intellectual motivation or shear strength alone would have been enough to live 6 days on Kilimanjaro. You must have the will power. There was a point yesterday where inside I drew on enough courage to tell myself I will not turn back even if I do pass out or fall over. I surprised myself at just how far past the limit I could take my body if I wanted to. And this I wanted. It was a dream since childhood and now it is a reality of will, testifying as a reminder for the rest of my life.