This is my story of Kilimanjaro. It would be impossible to capture what really happened if I tried to write out my experience, so I have simply typed out what I journaled during my time on the mountain. It was nothing like I thought it would be, but yet, in such a good way something so much more than I could have ever imagined. Honestly, it has changed my life. Even last night on the bus ride home (8 hours) I just sat there silent, staring out the window, while other tourists my age sat around and talked. So unusual for me. But after 6 days alone on a mountain and countless hours of silence, this became the norm. However, although I felt stand-offish and shallow with nothing to say, inside I knew how much better it was, just taking everything in, while being silent.

I know that the blogs below are too big to read, but it would be unfair to just write a summary page of my experience. I think the experience can only be captured to see the changes that occurred in my thinking the more time I spent there. So I have posted them in order from Day 1 to Day 6. It was Day 5 that we made the summit. Although I rarely ever open my journal and share it, I am excited to share what I learned. I think that what I learned though has such strong spiritual implications. Over the years I pray that I learn what that practically looks like though.

Although it is good to be back “home” and enjoy showers, clean clothes, technology and all the things that we take for granted, I miss the mountain and would go back tomorrow if I could. There is no doubt in my mind though, I am coming back and will do this amazing experience again, at the next chance I get. From a Kansas childhood which primarily consisted of basketball courts, business plans and music – now I look and cant believe the way I have come to love, respect and indulge in the beauty of living and being in nature. Sure Canada has played a huge role in that transformation, but even that is safe and “perfect”. Africa is raw and ripe for adventure. Survival of the fittest never meant so much to me.