Right there, soaring far above and piercing the clouds, Kilimanjaro, one of my childhood dreams, is closer than it has ever been. I don’t know where as a child I developed this passion, but it has never wandered far from my heart. Like an insidious passion that has nagged desire at every corner of challenge. I have hung onto it for so many years. The question as to what drives me to do this, the pain I will endure and the toll it will cost my body – there must be some underlying motive that is far greater than any reward of being on the top. To simply garner the attention and tell others of my accomplishment barely suffices. For no one, unless they have also been to the summit, will understand the hardship endured. I think there is something far greater at work here today. I believe every single person has an inner desire and passion to conquer their fears, their body and their environment. Some simply ignore these feelings and aspirations, while others hold nothing back. I long to summit the peak, breathe in that fresh air and examine Gods beauty from on top of the world. There is a courage that exists and a level of determination I must prove to myself. Regardless of success or failure, to know that I gave it everything I had, it will transform me. Six days consisting of just me and the mountain; it is a scary thought. Although I always dreamed of going with my wife, son or best friend – the silence and quietness will breed transformation. There is something so real about nature, beauty, mountains and getting closer to God through his creation. Tomorrow is a day which has been anticipated for 12 years. God your mercy and grace be with me. Keep me, guide me and draw me closer to you as I walk in your heavenly places.