Well the journey continues. Because of miscommunication we missed our ride to Swaziland, so we are “stuck” in South Africa for a few days more. We are staying with some friends of the Skinner’s who have been gracious to take us in for a few days. All the buses are booked up for a few more days. But everything always seems to work out, yea?

Family; It is one of the greatest gifts that God endows us with. More than ever, I am missing family so much. Once I arrived in Nairobi, I spent so much time emailing my family. It was refreshing and in many ways rejuvenating getting me ready for the trip to Swaziland. I was even able to spend some time talking with them on the phone and after hanging up, I just so much more confidence and strength. I wondered why this was and honestly, there is just something about the comfort of those that know you best. After having an experience like Kilimanjaro where there was so much loneliness, silence and challenge, I just wanted to share and hear their voice. It has been too long since I have consciously acknowledged how much family can influence you. I recall even being down in Vancouver the last time I was there, it was amazing staying at the Neufeld’s. The holistic environment is such a positive environment that just breeds positive living. I have become so fond of the family unit.

Now, coming to Bulembu and having the Skinners living here, I just praise the Lord for his blessing. They are a family of 5 which have volunteered in Swaziland for the next 12 months. They are from London, but lived in Kelowna about 5 years ago. Seeing them yesterday and just being around a family again, was also so refreshing. Last night we gathered as a “family” and prayed together. This morning it was early devotions with everyone. We are going to do that every day, once we get to Swaziland. Each day, for one hour to just sit, read, pray and discuss; I believe this is so healthy. God has certainly been gracious to me and to have a family that is so accepting and open, allowing me to join and be part of their journey – this I have longed for.

In this sense, I really look forward to leaving and arriving in Swaziland. The project has captured my heart and my passion. I am so blessed to work with these individuals and the things I have and will learn just amaze me. Now, to be with the Skinners for these next few months, I do not take for granted at all. God is good.

Although, it causes me to miss my family all the more. But soon, soon I will be home and see them again.