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The Story of Africa

Everyone has a story that needs to be told. The longer I assimilate into this world on this dark continent I realize that the story of Africa has yet to be fully revealed. The reason so many questions persist concerning the state and future of Africa is because we have supplied answers before we knew […]

An Upside Down World

A little Swazi boy, no older than 6, saunters through the opening of his parents homestead with his arms full of an assortment of western culture. The smile on his face gives away an inner excitement of what his discovery has brought him. As he goes to his mud room and makes himself comfortable, he […]

Deconstruct ME!!!

Often, it is the weary and worn out veterans of African who always say that you wont change Africa, but it will in turn change you. It wasn’t until today that I think this statement really hit home for me. Here I am drinking tea with a lumber contractor trying to figure out why more […]