For starters, it is never good to blog at 2 AM when you are about to travel to a new city, which you havent even seen a map or list of atractions for. However, the novelty of this situation fits perfectly for the thoughts on my mind which I am eager to put pen to paper to.

For some that know me, you understand when I say that for the last 3 months I have been living in a Vortex. What I mean by that, is i feel I am living in this space… betwee…. one season and another creating this long lasting transition. I feel I am just coming out of one season, just waiting for the next to begin. I dont know what the following year holds for me or where I will be living. It is the most uncomfortable place I have been in a long time and I simply wish that the days of comfort would return.

For weeks now I have been counting down the days to be able to return to Bulembu and be part of the Swazi 1000, which is an event we are hosting in Bulembu which will see nearly 1,000 student volunteers descend upon Bulembu. It is going to be life changing for many, to say the least. However, just when i didnt expect God to “interrupt” my life, here in Ottawa, he did.

Although I planned to go to my first NHL game tonight, I missed the bus, couldnt get scalped tickets and found myself sadly stumbling into a corner bar to just.. be an average Joe. It was then the most irononic set of events began.

I picked a place at the bar next to a construction worker with long hair, full beard and seeming like everything of the “heartland”. We slowly started talking. When asked why i was in Ottawa, apparently it was my vague and general answers that gave him the impression I was a “politician.” Then he thought I was a bussinessman. Within an hour of our conversation, he started preaching to me about his agnostic beliefs and the sense of Karma. For a second, I began to think that this was the perfect time to “witness” then remembered that i dont even know what that means anymore. In the end, I took the role of the prosecutor asking him that if he believed in Karma so much, why isnt he living it out. The common question that I feel as a Christian I usually get. This quetsion, led us to an intenses conversation about faith, that I never thought I would have. I ended up telling him all about my testimony, my Father’s testimony and my faith. What hit the most though was that he said for once, he felt like he met someone who genuinely care, wanted to get to know him and wasnt someone “ramming” Christianity down his throat. I told him that he is more than welcome to be an agnostic. I am so confident that my God is real, God would interrupt his life at some point in time and show him the reality that our God lives in. He seemed to smile and welcome the idea of this.
Then at 12 AM I return to a friend’s house (who is currently in Quebec) and his roommate asks me to go get a quick beer. I figured, with teh way this night is going… absolutely. We had an amazing conversation. One that I felt I havent had in years, and I know it wasnt the grasshopper pale ale.

This sums up the last 4 months of my life. Why have i not felt like i have been making connections and been living in this…. Vortex? It is beacuse I dont create spaces. I have been so inundated with work from Bulembu and Vantage, I have not allowed for teh free moments of life to just take me. It is in these moments that the essence of who we are really shines through. Tonight was a perfect example of this. I just went with the flow, created a space (away from work and email and things to do) , and was just organically led.

I reallize how over teh last 3 months I have not allowed for any “spaces” in my life. I have been so busy I have not taken this as a priority. It is certainly going to change though.
See I believe that we can create an agenda all that we want, but we all know that it is in the “spaces” that real lasting things happnen. I have been immensly challenged in this way to create more “spaces” for God to interrup my life.