In all honesty, it has been so good setting foot in Africa again. It has actually been much too long. It is amazing how I feel so comfortable with “it being in my skin.”

Today I arrived into Jo-burg and decided to bus up to Nellspruit the closest South African city. Once there, I was picked up by ANdrew and Tracey. We chose to stay in South Africa for the night before driving back. Our B and B has an amazing view overlooking the whole city and the weather is just gorgeous. It was truly amazing to watch the sun set.

What really struck me though is the things that I used to hate, but realized how much i miss them. For instance during dinner all he lights went out….. in the entire mall. this is common during a rain storm, but back at home you would never have to eat dinner lit by the power of your cell phone.

When I got back tonight there was a security guard outside my door, standing protection. It was awkward at first, but just part of the small things which are so different, but really not much at all.

Change, I am eager to see all the chan whcih has happened in th elast 2 years. It will be so encouraging.