Sometimes it is not a bad thing to be at a loss for words. I am in complete shock at how much Bulembu has changed. It was only 2 years ago that I lived here and since then the place has had such a makeover. I remember the early mornings here where we used to have to plug into the fax machine and hope there was a dial tone for internet. We didn’t have cell phones since we were too deep into the mountains and out of range. So communication was very limited among other staff in the community unless you saw them walking or driving. Things moved considerably slow but yet we all seemed to work long, long days.

Now the time feels like it is buzzing with life, vehicles, workers, new projects, tourists, etc. The town is actually being maintained where grass is being cut, overgrown forests being cut down and infrastructure constantly getting better. Our office now has wireless, with nearly 20 staff using laptops. It is amazing.

When I first started with Bulembu it was more the less a means to an end. I didn’t believe that we would ever be able to accomplish what we set out to do. But I figured it was worth trying. I have changed. Today, I am a believer. However, what hasn’t changed is that I still think this is an impossible project. Its magnitude and scope is tremendous. But I like the impossible. It leaves room for God. Already when I look over the last two years, I can see where God has been intricate. The “God Stories” are what keep us going. Without those, I think I would have lost motivation and hope months ago.

The other day the Swazi 1000 leadership team was here and we were diligently planning for the event which is only in a few weeks. As I sat around the meeting, I just couldn’t help from letting my mind venture into the past of what Bulembu used to be like years ago when we first began. I am really blown away by how far it has come. I thought about the thousands of people that have been out here and that have heard the story of hope and been inspired. The fact that we can host this massive group of students for work projects and effectively collaborate to impact the community is stunning.

But more than anything, I still suggest this is the impossible project. God really is going to have to continue to guide us and bless us. With economic hard time coming, there is no doubt that even in Bulembu finances will constrict. Either way, I am learning that it is o about the journey than it is where we really end up. I am sure the end will look much different than what we think it will be from this vantage point. But it is the journey that will refine us, our faith and make us men and women of transformation.

I wish my words could even do a small amount of justice to describing Bulembu to anyone. Without seeing it and experiencing it in person, it is truly hard to imagine.