Today was one of those days that you long for, sometimes wait even months for. It really has been quite some time since I enjoyed an adventure like this. Before I get into the details though, I have to admit, being out here has been more than everything I needed. It is the change of pace, the enjoyment and relaxation of nature and freedom of living with such fewer restrictions that I needed. It is not like what we typically equate with not working and taking a break. That is hardly the case. Rather, it is just a way of life here to take things slower and enjoy simpler things of life. I think in the West, we need a lot more of this.

So today Andrew, Jon and myself went on a 40 Kilometer, 4 hour motorbike journey through the wilderness. I have really never been on a dirt bike. There really isn’t too much of a comparison between this and my motorcycle. Just totally different. So when we started, I was a bit nervous how I would handle the ride and was certain I was bound for a fall.

We went through valleys, streams, grass, dirt paths, woods and even a small rural community. I don’t even think the pictures do justice for how beautiful our views really were. What started the whole journey though is Jon and I wanted to find a path to a road we could see on a distant mountain. He has spent months looking for the connecting road and just cant find it. Today was no different. We did find a nice field of marijuana though. As we journeyed on, going deeper and deeper into the valley, constantly going downhill, the more I realized, we are going to either go back up that way or find a way out of there. I am glad it was the latter. When we came to the bottom of the valley, there was a beautiful stream. Never mind it was the stream that runs through Bulembu probably 15 Kilometers back and solves our sewage problems (that will be taken care of in less than a month). Regardless, Jon and I were so hot, we had to go for a quick skinny dip. Good thing we were far enough out, we didn’t expect any visitors from the village unless they were fetching their weed. The water was so refreshing, maybe too refreshing.

By the time we got back home, I was exhausted. But the whole day just made me realize how amazing it really is out here. And I don’t think this is just because of some isolated event. It is just the way of life out here. Sometimes I wonder if I am not really South African inside. Which makes me think, this whole decision I have of moving back to Kansas City, what if I am focusing on the wrong move? Well, it was just a thought, but, maybe for another day, but one I pray is coming soon.