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The Space Between….

For starters, it is never good to blog at 2 AM when you are about to travel to a new city, which you havent even seen a map or list of atractions for. However, the novelty of this situation fits perfectly for the thoughts on my mind which I am eager to put pen to […]

I am ok…. If you are ok!

Will you just be ok….. Ever since I was a little kid, I can recall memories where the most important thing in life to me was that those around me were “ok”. When my family would get in fights or my parents would start to disagree, as if it were yesterday, I can still recall […]

Something Human

How does change take place? What brings transformation? Change is inevitable. We are always changing. However, it is the great leaps that are more than something human. I have really come to believe that God is the author of great change, of transformation. But how do we get to that soft place to be molded? […]

Good, Good End

My words couldn’t express my state any better than the lyrics below…. You can leave right now You can ring a bell You can tell ‘em you think I ain’t doin’ too well But when I stood like you I eventually fell So you can leave right now Go on and ring your bell I’m […]

The Prodigal Son who never left

I have never understood the parable of the Prodigal Son with as much clarity as I see it now. Although most Christians identify with the son who leaves to the world and returns years later to his father, I have always associated with the older son and I don’t know why. Something in me caused […]

De La Rocha

I am ashamed. Those of you who know me by now, might remember how about a year ago, when I took my first of many trips to Swaziland – I came home and it took me a few months, but soon the stories and the emotions settled in. I always knew I am a slow […]


Everything of which I thought it would be – it is not. I knew there was no way to prepare for the transition from living in Africa, to coming back to our western fast paced culture. I anticipated getting frustrated with those around me for not understanding and experiencing the same convictions to which I […]

Confronting the Past – to Transform

Transformation The last couple of weeks I have been giving a lot of thought, reflecting over the last year. I think it is mainly because I am thinking about a lot of my friends graduating this year and what it was like for me when I walked those same steps last year. Over the last […]

God is Good

January 18th God is good. That is the most humble posture we can take in our walk with the Lord. To say that God is good is to acknowledge all that He has done for us in our lives and the great mercy he has shown us. God is good. Since we have been here […]

Where is Beauty?

Ah London, well just like we could have all imagined, I probably wouldnt get along that well with this city. When you have to pay $2 to use a restroom or $20 to visit the primary Anglican Cathedral, it just doesnt rub me the right way. My mom and I were able to see a […]