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Deconstructing to find God

Over the last 5 years I would have to say that my spiritual journey has been anything but normal. I have and will always consider myself to be a deeply spiritual person, who has been completely changed by the gospel of Christ. However, over the years as my spirituality has grown and taken form, it […]

the Impoverished

It is not every day that we get the opportunity to experience that deep gut feeling that we get when we see the world as 2 billion people do: a world filled with poverty. There is of course that random drive down Hastings in Vancouver or that brief visit to a third world country, that […]


I knew that it would be hard to transition back into life here at home, here in North America. It is nothing to say that our culture is better or to say that their culture does so many things right. It is just different, but we already all knew that. The thing is that there […]

Fear Not!!!

Well friends,and I am back home. I am in Vancouver today and then to Kelowna tomorrow. It is so weird. After coming home, now is when I can see how much I have changed and how much all of these experiences have enhanced or changed my life. First, I just want to say thank you […]

New York City

NEW YORK CITY: So our last stop was in New York City. There is surely no city in teh world like this. You can walk 70 blocks and all you see on every street corner is a 40 story high sky scraper. The thing that impressed me the most is the drastic impression of how […]

The Journey Begins

Today is the day. I cant believe that it has finally come. I have been so busy with studying for the LSAT and saying goodbye to friends in Vancouver, that I have had very little time to think about the next two months. In many ways I leave Vancouver with mixed emotoins. I am excited […]


Here is a quote I have been giving long thought to that seems to be pretty relevent these days. The questions about life, God and living seem to never end and only get deeper as we continue our journey. “I would like to beg you to have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and […]

Graduated Fool

It is so ridiculous that I have graduated but still stuck here studying. Before I leave for overseas I have to take the LSAT (entrance exam into Law school). My test is June 6th. So I am studying about 6 hours a day in hopes to score high enough to get into Ottawa or Toronto. […]

Welcome to my new world…

Still in Canada, getting my Blog up and running. Thanks to my brother Mike for all his help on this small project! Good luck in KC!