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We Are all Romantic

Romance – For a Nation Usually, I feel as if when I blog, I have had ample time to process and come to grip with certain concepts in order to write about them – not this time. I have been battling for nearly a month with this one. It is something that the more and […]

Confidence of Love

Over the last few weeks I have had so much “junk” come to the surface, I am finally beginning to make sense of so much that has happened to me over the last 6 months to a year. It has been a harder year than I think I ever wanted to allude to, but now […]

The Story of Africa

Everyone has a story that needs to be told. The longer I assimilate into this world on this dark continent I realize that the story of Africa has yet to be fully revealed. The reason so many questions persist concerning the state and future of Africa is because we have supplied answers before we knew […]

An Upside Down World

A little Swazi boy, no older than 6, saunters through the opening of his parents homestead with his arms full of an assortment of western culture. The smile on his face gives away an inner excitement of what his discovery has brought him. As he goes to his mud room and makes himself comfortable, he […]

Deconstruct ME!!!

Often, it is the weary and worn out veterans of African who always say that you wont change Africa, but it will in turn change you. It wasn’t until today that I think this statement really hit home for me. Here I am drinking tea with a lumber contractor trying to figure out why more […]

Play It Safe?

Since the day I set foot on African soil a few months ago, I have been continuously bombarded with the same question, which is beginning to cut through me as I constantly ruminate its answer. Why is this time so much different, why is it easy and comfortable to be home here in Bulembu? Even […]

Motorcyle Lessons

It is only important to think about physical discomfort when the mood is wrong. Then you fasten on to whatever you call uncomfortable and call that the cause. But if the mood is right, then the physical discomfort doesnt mean that much. There is something that I should have learned this summer that I failed […]


Whoever the heck is praying for me back at home, you are doing one hell of a job. This morning as I was driving back from South Africa into Swaziland a timber semi’s trailer swerved into my lane and my tire caught the edge of the road and I spun out of control. The road […]

An African Lesson of Love

Yesterday was sort of a day off (Volker it is ok if you stop reading at this point) and I tell you, we made the best of it. If I thought riding a motorcycle back at home was exhilarating and gave me a rush driving a quad ATV and dirt bike through the valleys […]

No Skin Diseases – yet

Man, it is good to be back in Africa. I realize and am so thankful God has blessed me with such an amazing opportunity to help out here. Well I certainly wont be getting any skin diseases or infections this time. I have been staying in amazing living quarters my house has 11 rooms […]