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First Thoughts

This trip is going to be different than any of my previous travels. Already it is shaping up to be more about what God is doing in me and how he is changing me, rather than an experience of some other sort. Breifly, not to bore, I will share about what my purpose is turning […]

The Children

Now being home and finally having some time to process all that has happened, I finally feel I can share some of what I experienced while there. I will write from my journal, which I wrote the morning I left. All the stories are true, but the names I changed. But this is why I […]

The cry of the Orphans

Not all my blogs are worth reading, but this one is a journal deep from my heart that hopefully the words I type can capture just a fragment of what happened today. Even just that fragment of words will carry the power of the experience in hopes that your heart can feel what I have […]

This is Africa

Well I blogged twice today, but that is just because I only get internet maybe once a week. So be sure to read both, this one and the “God is good” blog. Well this is Africa. The snails are bigger than your feet and the moths are bigger than your hand. I now have scabies, […]

God is Good

January 18th God is good. That is the most humble posture we can take in our walk with the Lord. To say that God is good is to acknowledge all that He has done for us in our lives and the great mercy he has shown us. God is good. Since we have been here […]