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Lessons from the Swazi 1000

Its snowing outside and the fire here keeps me warm. Things are so much different this time after returning from Bulembu. I have tried for days to begin to describe my experience and make sense of what happened. But, I am starting to realize that just might not be possible. Pictures, videos, stories – none […]

The Third Way…

Today was one of those days that you long for, sometimes wait even months for. It really has been quite some time since I enjoyed an adventure like this. Before I get into the details though, I have to admit, being out here has been more than everything I needed. It is the change of […]

First Impressions

Sometimes it is not a bad thing to be at a loss for words. I am in complete shock at how much Bulembu has changed. It was only 2 years ago that I lived here and since then the place has had such a makeover. I remember the early mornings here where we used to […]

Africa will be Africa

In all honesty, it has been so good setting foot in Africa again. It has actually been much too long. It is amazing how I feel so comfortable with “it being in my skin.” Today I arrived into Jo-burg and decided to bus up to Nellspruit the closest South African city. Once there, I was […]

Interview with Comment Magazine

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed for Comment Magazine. There was one question in particular that really struck me though. “How would you explain what you do to a nine year old child?” What I loved about that question is that it forced me to think about the fundamentals and strip away the […]

My motorcycle Diary

The other morning I had to get up at 5:30 and drive into Vancouver for a early morning meeting. The thing I love the most about those early mornings on the bike is the fresh crisp touch to the morning. However, this morning in particular was clouded with fog which didn’t make for an easy […]